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              Taizhou Juhang Automation Equipment Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in the valve pneumatic actuators, manual actuators and fluid control system research and development, manufacturing, marketing in the integration of high-tech enterprise.

              The company has high-precision CNC machining equipment and sophisticated testing equipment, and set up an advanced product performance inspection and test center, relying on a sound quality management system and internal well-ordered detailed management, to assure the quality of JUHANG actuators. The company in strict accordance with the ISO9001: 2008 management system and ISO5211, NAMUR,DIN3337, and other international standards for production. And has been awarded the CE certification and explosion-proof ATEX certification which issued by the German TUV Rheinland certification body,SIL 3 certification in line with IEC61508 standards, and there are a number of advanced technology obtained national patent.

              We are committed to building the boutique of industrial fluid pipeline valve control system. Juhang's actuators have been around the world and become the best partner of many international renowned enterprises.

              Professional achievements quality, service to create value. We sincerely look forward to providing you with the best quality products and satisfactory service.

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