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              JHA Pneumatic Actuator

              JHA Pneumatic Actuator
              Product Introduction

              Mounting flange:DIN/ISO5211 DIN3337
              Control valve connection:NAMUR Standard
              Structure:compact rack and pinion pneumatic actuators
              Material:aluminum alloy, the product surface hard anodized (hard anodized+ Teflon coat)
              Features:low friction, long life, open and close time can reach more than one million times.
              Application range:for angle travel valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves and so on

              • Product Structure
              • Parts and Material
              • Operating Principle
              • Technology and Features
              • Mounting Standard
              • Output Torque and The Modle
              • Optional Resources
              • Dimension
              • Weight and Volume
              • Note For
              • Testing
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